Pensacola Media Covers My Rollback.

Thanks to our Pensacola radio partner NewsRadio 1620 and everyone that came out to today’s rollback in Pace, FL. (WALA-TV) – PACE, Fla. – The “Gas Can Man” is in Pensacola on Tuesday giving away gas at a reduced price … Continue reading

Video: Gas Can Man Hits Washington, DC.

Four rollbacks in one morning made the D.C. area a very busy place to be. Check out this video featuring few of the happy drivers that got to fill up with $1.84/gallon gas.

Photos: Gas Can Man Takes on Washington, DC.

What a better place to make a energy policy statement then the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Today, Gas Can Man rolled back prices at FOUR count them FOUR gas station around the District of Columbia. Check out all the photos.

Photos: Gas Can Man Hits the PCB.

It’s not always fun in the sun with gas prices soaring towards four dollars per gallon in Florida. That’s why Gas Can Man brought $1.84/gallon gas with him making Panama City Beach drivers really happy.

Video: Who Is Gas Can Man?

People all across the internet are asking, “who is Gas Can Man”? This video sets the record straight. Special thanks to Rachel Brooke, Ricky Skaggs, Darrell Waltrip, Pamela Aniese, and Charlie Daniels.