Photos: Gas Can Man Takes on Washington, DC.

What a better place to make a energy policy statement then the nation’s capital, Washington, DC. Today, Gas Can Man rolled back prices at FOUR count them FOUR gas station around the District of Columbia. Check out all the photos.

Photos: Gas Can Man Hits the PCB.

It’s not always fun in the sun with gas prices soaring towards four dollars per gallon in Florida. That’s why Gas Can Man brought $1.84/gallon gas with him making Panama City Beach drivers really happy.

Photos: Gas Can Man Hits the Rockies.

Gas Can Man makes a tour stop in the state of John Denver, Coors Brewing and the Colorado Rockies. This time he’s rolling back gas prices for 100 drivers in Colorado Springs.

Photos: Gas Can Man Stops in the Sunshine State.

Gas Can Man heads back to Florida and stops in the city on the east coast, Jacksonville. Check out the photos of all the happy drivers that got to fill up their tanks with a $1.84/gallon gas.

Photos: Gas Can Man Rolls Back Prices in Reno, NV.

Gas Can Man rolled back gas prices in the “biggest little city in the world”, Reno, NV. One hundred lucky drivers got to see the gas gauges rise with $1.84/gallon gas from a man in a big red suit.