Question – How have increased Gas prices impacted your life?

L.M. from Cape Cod, MA says:
My husband can’t take home a work truck anymore so in good weather he rides his motorcycle….and me getting a job two miles down the street helps.

L.S from Franklin, TN says:
I only drive where I have to drive, and the rest of my budget shrinks because the cost of gas keeps biting into it.

K.D. from Cape Cod, MA says: now that I am commuting to school (300 miles a week) I have found myself extremely conscious of my route and stops I can make along the way and back to get the necessary errands/groceries done, rather than make extra trips when I get back home.

R. B. from Las Vegas, NV says: The gas here is pretty high I only go out shopping now or maybe one other time as if it was lower I wud take my one hr ride each other week like I used to and loved it.

F.D. from Atlanta, GA says:
Well…I drive for a living basically and obviously if the price of gas would go down my profit margin would go up…

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