Born in a little West Texas oil town, Gas Can Man™ was raised with small town values at a two pump family-owned gas station where his Granddady was born. But being in the oil business meant moving around the country from time to time. From the big refineries in Houston, to the offshore rigs off Louisiana, to the wide open and sometimes frigid territory of Alaska and to the booming oil fields of North Dakota, Gas Can Man has seen all this great country has to offer. Ultimately the lure of country music, and a saucy little can of WD40, drew him to Music City USA in search of fame and fortune.

Old Gas Station

Old Homeplace

Gas Can Man™ never expected to be drawn into the rough and tumble world of politics, policy and punditry, but like his Granddaddy always said of those who were drawn into the important issues of their day: “If not us, who? If not now, when?” His Granddaddy used to tell Gas Can Man™ about surviving the Great Depression and the new fangled Model Ts; how the Greatest Generation fought off tyranny in World War II and kept the materials, manpower and oil flowing to get the job done; how a young President Kennedy set our sights on the moon and knew that a common dream could fuel success; and how the Gipper faced down the Evil Empire and restored a sense of pride and purpose in the American Heart by reminding us that our best years as a nation lay ahead. “Your time to serve will come,” Granddaddy would tell Gas Can Man™, “and when it does I know you will step up and do your part!” For Gas Can Man™ NOW is that time.

Old Gas Pump